Free Advertising For Your Book

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Setting up a blog for your book is a safer bet

That’s right – free advertising!

Now don’t panic, that’s not me offering free advertising on here, I’m talking about the value of setting up a free blog for your latest book.

The advantages of doing this are multi-fold. For starters, Amazon really values backlinks to your book page – something which is no longer a good idea on Facebook. This will be your blog and (within the bounds of the law) you can say whatever you want to on it.

Besides the backlinks, you’ve got the facility to create a contact form (thus saving your email address from being spammed to death) and a chance to say more about yourself, your latest books etc than any ‘About the author’ page is entitled to.

Creating a blog costs nothing bar a few hours of your time. Choose either WordPress or Blogger (this really comes down to preferences – arguments rage either way over this)  and create a simple blog consisting of separate pages for:

  • About you
  • A summary of the book and where to buy it
  • Some snippets of text to entice readers (like Amazon’s ‘Look Inside’ feature)
  • Contact form with a Captcha box
  • Other titles/forthcoming work

By all means include extra pages about the principal characters, the location etc.

Note – one blog per book. If you’re going to create a blog about you as an author (great idea), make it a completely separate blog to that of your book. Remember this simple formula:

One blog = One idea.

Try to add snippets to the blog every now and then to show that it’s still live. Even if you don’t have the time for updates, your book’s blog is still an extremely valuable prop to your marketing campaign.

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