Near enough is not good enough. We’ll format your book with care, not with a freebie program

Don’t use a sledgehammer to crack a walnut!

Your book is going to be judged both by its content and by the way it looks. Proper formatting is probably the most technically demanding service we offer. Judging by what we see as readers, it’s also obviously the Cinderella part of the preparation process for many authors – undoubtedly because it can be so challenging to do well. Making sure that your book looks its best gives it the optimum possible start.

Think about your own experience as a reader. How often have you downloaded a book and come across…

  • Links that didn’t work?
  • Hopeless or non-existent navigation structures?
  • Blocky paragraphs that are hard to read?
  • Bizarre changes in font or line spacing?
  • Inconsistencies in alignment, indents etc?
  • ‘Home-made’ bullet points?
  • No page breaks between chapters?
  • Badly-aligned or blotchy chapter headings?
  • Disorganised book data (verso, title page, preamble, copyright, about the author)?
  • Pictures which don’t fit the page properly?

The instant reaction is to perceive the book as being amateurish (even if the text is beautifully written) and this prejudice is going to severely affect your sales.

Sure, there are a number of free packages and some big ‘automated’ engines which offer this service, but before you compare our prices to a freebie, just open a critical eye and take a moment to see what they produce. The truth is that there are a host of different formats and an (almost) infinite number of combinations for the way in which the text can be submitted. It’s only logical that a computer program simply can’t adapt to all these possibilities – it needs a human eye and brain.

The personal touch makes all the difference

That’s why we do a multi-pass formatting process. We start by using a compilation program and then we proceed to make at least two further passes which are both 100% manual. Only then do we get a book which we’re proud to say we’ve had a part in.

We can help you get your book into tip-top condition whether it’s into:

  • Mobipocket (for Kindle)
  • Epub
  • PDF
  • Open Office
  • Createspace
  • Smashwords

We’ll convert it for you!

Proper formatting takes care and effort and every book is just as individual as its author. That’s why it needs the care that only a skilled and dedicated human being can give it. Just to give you an idea, here are some of the things we’ll take care of:

  • Creating a working table of contents
  • Generating an NCX (Navigation Control file for XML applications)
  • Meta-tagging and meta-descriptions
  • Categorising and titling
  • Integration of cover image
  • Working hypertext links to your other books or to Facebook/Twitter/Blog
  • Indented first lines of paragraphs (if you choose that option)
  • Paragraph spacing
  • Styled chapter headings

You’ll look truly professional when we’ve finished.

Formatting Fees (save up to 13% by block-booking)

Choose how many of the following formats you want to convert your book into – each equals ONE format.

Mobi (Kindle) – ePub – Createspace – PDF – Smashwords – ODT (Open Office)

Word count Single Format 2 Formats 3 Formats 4 Formats 5 Formats 6 Formats
Up to 30,000 words $45 $88 $129 $168 $205 $240
30,001 to 40,000 words $60 $118 $174 $228 $280 $330
40,001 to 50,000 words $75 $146 $213 $276 $335 $390
50,001 to 60,000 words $90 $176 $258 $336 $410 $480
60,001 to 70,000 words $105 $206 $303 $396 $485 $570
70,001 to 80,000 words $120 $236 $348 $456 $560 $660
80,001 to 90,000 words $135 $264 $390 $512 $630 $744
90,001 to 100,000 words $150 $294 $432 $564 $690 $810
Over 100,000 words – Ask – – Ask – – Ask – – Ask – – Ask – – Ask –

E & OE


Because books are infinitely variable, we can’t give fixed prices, so what we’ve given is based on formatting a standard book consisting of plain text. We would normally expect to charge extra for:

  • Photographs
  • Clipart
  • Affiliate links
  • Poetry
  • Handling non-fiction or reference books (probably, but not necessarily)
  • High levels of internal linking and bookmarking
  • Above average use of italicisation, bolding, superscript, subscript, foreign characters, etc.

NB: We are NOT offering an automated service. No-one here just ‘clicks’ and churns out your book. It takes real time and care to do what we do and we’ll be providing you with a hand-finished product which you can be rightfully proud of.

How it works – the system in a nutshell

  • Select the service you want and complete the simple booking form
  • Pay the standard fee based on our schedule
  • Securely upload your file
  • We assess your book and confirm that it meets our standard price schedule
  • If ‘yes’, we will format your book for you as requested
  • If ‘no’, we will quote you accordingly and ask you to pay the extra
  • If it does require an additional payment which you subsequently agree and pay, we will format your book for you
  • If it does require an additional payment which you subsequently decline to pay, we will refund your original payment in full and delete your file from our records

Which file types will you accept my book in?

We’d appreciate it if you could supply your text in doc, docx, rtf, txt, or odt format. Pictures can be supplied in jpg, gif, png, tif, bmp as appropriate however they must be at least 300 dpi. Ask for clarification regarding any images you are supplying.

* Our no quibble guarantee *

We will turn your book into whatever format(s) you ask us for. In the unlikely event that we make an error (the work is only done by humans, after all!), we will correct that error without argument and as a matter of top priority.

If any additional fee quoted is outside of your budget, your initial payment will be refunded in full within 5 working days (probably sooner).

We guarantee that your book will not be rejected for ‘formatting reasons,’ whatever service we have formatted it for. In the unthinkable event that it does, we will rectify it immediately or offer you a full refund.

Single Format 2 Formats 3 Formats 4 Formats 5 Formats 6 Formats