First Taste

First Taste

Principal category Erotica
Word count (approximate pages) 10,300 (27)
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Let the disciplining of Mia begin!

Mia runs a company that represents musicians and artists from her home along with her long-time friend, Rafe. She’s also bisexual and is finding their single employee, the beautiful and seductive Luna, extremely exasperating. Working late one evening, Luna decides to prove a point by demonstrating Mia’s natural submissiveness to her.

Later Mia finds out that Luna has been encouraging Rafe to explore his dominant side – a characteristic which he demonstrates most unequivocally when he takes a belt to Mia.

Luna is rewarded for her efforts by becoming a member of the threesome.

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First Taste was written by Misty Wells and is the first book in the Disciplining Mia series.

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