FAQ’s – Online Book Publishers

FAQ's - Online Book Publishers

These FAQ’s are for authors publishing through Any Subject Books

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Got questions about us publishing your book?

These FAQ’s relate to Any Subject Books’ capacity as an online book publisher company. If you’re looking to self-publish and would like information about the service we offer to independent authors choosing to self-publish, please click on this self-publishing services link. Still stuck? Just use the Live Chat service on the right-hand side of any page to talk to a senior person at ASB or leave a message if we’re off-air and we’ll get straight back to you. That’s a promise!

We’re pleased that you’re interested in submitting your book to us. As authors ourselves, we fully understand how much effort you’ve put into it and also the importance of who to entrust its publishing to.

In a nutshell, we’re looking for quality writing from authors with talent. That’s it – beginning, middle and end. If what you’ve written has potential, we definitely want to hear from you. Even if it hasn’t we can still tell you if you’re on the right track or not.

We’re authors ourselves – we understand

Let’s now look at who we are, what we do and what we won’t do. To help you find your way around this page, we’ll split it into 6 sections:

  • Who are we?
  • What do we want from you?
  • What do you get from us?
  • How does it work in terms of the money?
  • Legal stuff
  • Anything else

Like any publisher, we’re fussy about what we take on but (unlike many of our competitors) we’re not obsessed about who you are. If you’ve got the talent, we’ll let the world know.

Important note

Unless you ask for a specific and optional Third Party advertising or distribution package, at NO stage, repeat, NO stage of the process will you be asked to part with money in order to get your book sold. Yes, there is a cost attached to getting it marketed but (with the aforementioned proviso) we bear 100% of that.

Who are we?

You’ll find this answered in more detail on the About Us page. However, in a nutshell we are a team of writers and booksellers who have got together to take the work of new and exciting authors and promote them in a professional way. We despise the casual and off-hand way in which some publishers and agents regularly throw away talent merely because they can’t be bothered to take on a ‘nobody’. We don’t do that.

Your work is what we will judge you by – nothing else.

Are you new?

It may look that way but no, we aren’t. The administrative director is an experienced writer and has been selling books over the internet for years, the marketing director began work in a major printers some 35 years ago, the other partners have dealt with selling books and, between us all, we’ve written a fair few number of our own.

Any Subject has been owned by both current directors and involved in the dissemination of information in one form or another since 1999 and the site has been on air continuously since then. Unlike some companies, we are neither ‘New Kids On The Block’ nor ‘Fly-by-Nights’.

What do we want from you?

We’re interested in quality books which we can then sell. If we don’t sell the book, we don’t get paid (and nor do you, of course). Therefore there is no point in us accepting work which does not meet our criteria.

What are those criteria?

We’re looking for books or short stories which:

  • Are typically between 5,000 and 150,000 words in length (we’ll reconsider the minimum figure if you’re submitting stories for children)
  • Require a light edit at most – i.e. they have been properly proofed (but see also ‘bells and whistles’ below)
  • Have a message, theme, story, function – i.e. they are commercial

Are there books which comply with this which we won’t take?

Yes, we won’t touch books which are:

  • Obscene (sex scenes are one thing but p**n is another – no thanks)
  • Stuffed with gratuitous violence
  • Likely to incite drug abuse or the commission of a crime
  • Racist, sexist, or any other ‘ist
  • Aimed at stirring up hatred

You get the picture, we’re sure. Of course, since we are doing the promoting work, the final decision must lie with us.

But I’m not a published author nor am I anyone famous – does that matter?

Not in the slightest. Far too many good books don’t get published because of some sniffy publisher or agent who, half the time, can’t even be bothered to acknowledge the submission, let alone read even the summary. The way some of these companies behave is nothing short of plain pig-ignorant.

We make a couple of promises to you, even though you aren’t paying us. These promises are that we will:

  • Read sufficient of your book to establish its marketable value
  • Acknowledge its receipt as soon as you send it in
  • Inform you of our decision in a clear and easy-to-understand manner

In other words, we will give you the respect due to someone who has had the application to finish a book because that’s something which not everyone can actually do.

What do you get from us?

Well, we are experienced writers and sellers of books and you will be getting someone whose interest entirely coincides with yours – i.e. the desire to get as many copies of your book sold as possible for the best price possible.

Once your book is approved, we will format it, design and produce a cover, package it together, upload it to our busy marketplace and manage it in order to maximise sales.

Can I dictate the book’s title?

No, but we will pay careful attention to your preference. It may be that the title conflicts with another or it may be that we feel a change of title would make the book a more marketable commodity. That’s why the decision is ours.

Can I set the book’s price?

No, we do that. We have to take into account other books of a similar nature and what they are selling for and then pitch yours accordingly. Profit is a product of price and volume – a high price but low volume is not going to make any of us rich nor would selling tens of thousands of copies for next-to-nothing.

Can I withdraw the book?

Not during the first year. We invest a considerable amount of money, time and effort into promoting your book – especially during the early stages. Obviously if there is a legal reason why the book has to be withdrawn, that’s a different matter and we must be notified immediately along with the causing factor as we may have to address questions about why the book’s suddenly disappeared.

Do I have to have already written the book (or finish it by any particular time)?

No, not in the slightest – we’re here for the long haul and you can send us your book when you’re good and ready. We’d far rather you gave it a decent level of polishing than rush to get something to us that hadn’t been properly edited. What we would recommend, though, is that you run your idea past us before you ‘put pen to paper’. The last thing we want is for someone to waste their time writing a book that won’t sell.

With that in mind, are you after any particular genres?

No, all things are worth considering however we’re here to sell books and if the manuscript isn’t up to it or the writer doesn’t have the necessary ability, we’re going to turn it down. We’re a business – we have to.

What’s the best thing to write?

That’s really up to you! However, if you have an idea that can be turned into a series of 10,000 word (or thereabouts) novellas, those usually sell well. We can also incorporate them into a compendium which means you get paid for your part in that, too!

Is there a minimum period I have to have the book listed for?

We have to do a lot of work at the outset therefore we ask that the book be listed with us for at least 12 months.

How does it work in terms of the money?

How do I get paid?

We will transfer money direct to your Paypal account. These are free to set up and secure. We only need your account’s email address so that we can pay in. No money will ever be withdrawn from it nor do we require your password (which you should always keep private).

When do I get paid?

We will pay you at the end of the month following when we are paid. This means that you will be paid about 4 months after the book starts selling. That may sound like a long time but it does take that long for transactions go through and, in any case, if this were a conventional ‘paper and ink’ book deal, you might well have to wait a lot longer.

What do I get paid?

We will pay you 50% of the fee which the book is sold at (after deduction of both Amazon’s fees and any tax). Thus a book selling for £6 would mean that we received £4.20 (Amazon currently charge 30% commission), leaving you with £2.10 per copy sold.

What currency do I get paid in?

We will pay you in British Pounds sterling or US dollars as appropriate but your Paypal account will allow you to convert it to just about any currency you care to think of.

Legal stuff

Who is responsible for the book’s contents?

We cannot take responsibility for the contents of books. You must check your facts carefully and understand that there may be consequences to allegations or innuendo. Please seek proper legal advice if you are in any doubt whatsoever.

Can you guarantee me a particular income, level of sales etc?

We wish! No, sorry, it’s not possible. Writing is very much a luck-of-the-draw line of business and, while we will do all we can to get you promoted and earning the big money, it’s still in the lap of the gods. Anyone who tells you otherwise is setting you up for something.

Anything else?

Can you recommend me a good editor?

We will be assessing editors and featuring the best on the site. Please note that they are independent contractors and the use of one does not guarantee that we will accept your book. If you are particularly satisifed (or even dissatisfied) with the service you receive from one, we’d like to know but we can’t get involved between the two of you. Sorry.

Can I promote the book myself?

Yes, we’ll send you a guide about how you can help us boost your book’s sales (you won’t be asked to spend any money).

Do you have special rules for formatting the book?

Yes, we have both a house style and also a standard that your book must achieve in terms of grammar and spelling. Please click on the PDF link below to download it.
Instructions on how to present your book

What next?

The next step is for you to read our Writers Wanted page and follow the instructions there. Please do this as we don’t want writers spending hours producing books or other material which is not commercial. Let us advise you before you begin.

About Us

Any Subject Books is a top book publisher company which provides a full range of competitively-priced services to the self-publishing author such as cover design, editing, formatting, brainstorming, marketing, direct selling, interviewing, arranging blog tours, producing book trailer videos and allocating ISBN’s. All of our work is undertaken by real people who care about the quality of the finished book and that care translates to more sales for our authors.

For more information about who we are, go to our About Us page.