Any Subject Books is both an online book publisher and a provider of book publishing services to self-publishers. As a result, and for the convenience of our customers, we’ve split our FAQ’s into two halves – one for each branch of our service.

To choose which, simply decide which of the following relates to you.

Self-publishing services

Online book publisher services
You’ve got a book that you want us to write, that you’ve written or that you need help writing. When you’ve had this help, you’ll publish the book yourself and thus keep 100% of the royalties.

We can offer you any or all of the following self-publishing services:

  • Advertising
  • Author interviews
  • Autograph photo hosting
  • Banner design
  • Book cover design
  • Book reviews
  • Book tours
  • Book trailers
  • Brainstorming assistance
  • Direct selling
  • Distribution help
  • Editing
  • Formatting
  • Ghostwriting
  • ISBN provision
  • Press release writing
  • Social Media

The only contract that will exist between us is for the provision of the specific services which you are ordering. We will have no lien on the book – it is yours 100% and, as far as we’re concerned, will remain that way at all times.

You’ve written a book and it’s been properly edited, which means no grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, repetition, dialogue issues, plot-holes etc. In other words, it’s in a finished form.

It’s a good idea if you’ve also read about how we work in our capacity as online book publishers. You’ll find more information on our Writers Wanted page.

We’ll then take your book and:

  • Format it into the relevant file types to upload to the various book distributors we deal with
  • Design an eye-catching book cover
  • Choose a title (this may need fine-tuning depending upon sales
  • Upload it, create tags, write short and long descriptions to entice readers to buy the book
  • Come up with a marketing strategy which you, as the author, will be asked to work with

This is in return for a share of the royalties. There would be no fee to you for any of the foregoing.

Assuming your book is accepted, you will be offered a contract. We will then take control of all aspects concerning the book’s marketing leaving you free to write the next one!

This service is akin to that provided by a traditional book publisher.

FAQ’s for our self publishing services

FAQ’s for ASB as online book publishers