Doreen’s Dream by Jennie Phillips

Cover - smallTwenty-something Doreen has bad teeth, chronic sinusitis and a job she hates. Living in her estranged mother’s house on the bleak Tokio Road, she longs for real friends, a nicer home and a better future. Only the dream of winning the heart of Christopher Fullerton, her good-looking, sophisticated boss is enough to get her out of bed in the morning. And Doreen is determined to get her man; but how? After forcing herself into a much-feared visit to the dentist one afternoon, she decides to take her dreams into her own hands.

 Principal category Romance
 Word count (approximate pages) 70,000 (200)
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Meanwhile, Felix Electricals manager Christopher Fullerton is stuck. Tired of his mundane working life and plagued by loneliness since splitting with his boyfriend, the surprise inheritance of a boat from his deceased uncle leads him to a small Greek island. The exhilarating beaches, the eccentric locals and a friend he makes in a local poet are enough to make him quickly fall in love with the place; but Christopher has always played it safe. Can he muster up the courage to reject his flat, his job and his security to settle in this newfound world?

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Doreen’s Dream is a heart-warming and inspiring debut novel from Jennie Phillips portraying the interwoven lives, hopes and dreams of her characters with empathy, frankness and humour. It reminds us that our short lives can change in minutes; that those who do wrong will always get their comeuppance; and most importantly, to take any risk necessary to follow our dreams.

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