Become a mover and shaker with Any Subject Books’ distribution service

Hit the road, Jack!

You’ve written your book, we’ve formatted it, packaged it, promoted it but now you need to distribute it. Without that, the whole exercise seems kind of pointless!

But can’t I just use my Amazon account and upload to them? Yes, of course you can but there’s so much more to successfully placing books with them – such as the way in which a book’s presented, tagged, described, targeted and so forth. Not only that, there are many other distributors – all keen to have your book to sell – and a large number of them will only deal with publishers or other approved suppliers.

That’s where we come in. We’ll get your book sent out to all the main outlets* such as:

  • Amazon
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Goodreads
  • Nielsen
  • Sony
  • Kobo
  • Apple
  • Diesel
  • Page Foundry
  • Smashwords
  • Omni-Lit
  • All Things Romance (where appropriate)
  • Gardners
  • Askews & Holts (who circulate your book to libraries and schools)
  • Tesco
  • Abe Books
  • … and many, many, many more

* as appropriate.

Get your book seen, get your book bought

As you’ll see, these distributors are on both sides of the Atlantic meaning that your book will get the widest possible relevant exposure and that’s what it’s all about. With the distribution of any product, it’s rarely possible to identify in advance exactly what is going to come up trumps, but we’ll ensure you get the best possible return on your effort.

In order to get your book truly ‘out there’, we’ll need to convert it into at least mobipocket, PDF and Epub formats, issue it with a unique ISBN number and then upload it to the relevant sites.

Bear in mind that while we may be quick to respond to your order, these big distribution companies may take weeks or even a few months for your book to percolate through their systems. There’s little anyone can do to expedite this (although we’ve seen a few sites which lay claim to such a possibility). What can be done is to ensure that the book is properly formatted in the first place so that it meets with the many and varied criteria laid down by these organisations. Each one tends to be different and each one has its own foibles – this is what you’re paying for when you instruct us to act on your behalf.

It takes a lot of time to build up contacts and to understand the systems and requirements of these major distributors. As a result, we’ve literally invested hours and hours of time and the associated effort so that you can get on with the serious business of writing and leave the marketing to us.

Distribution Services

There are three different services which we offer – see below:


Bronze Silver Gold
Upload to your Amazon KDP account
Upload to your Smashwords account using either the free ISBN or one that you have provided
Upload to our Amazon KDP account
Upload to our Smashwords account *
Upload to our Gardners account **
Upload to our Omni-Lit account **
Upload to our All Things Romance account ** (if appropriate to book’s genre)
Register your book with Nielsens for integration into the British book market
Marketing and management of your book as part of our normal publishing service
We’ll buy 10 copies of your book from 10 different accounts (cost of book not exceeding $5) to give it a head start
Percentage of royalties (received from distributors) deducted for our marketing and management 50% 0% 25%
Percentage of royalties due in the event of a film or TV offer **** 25% 0% 15%
Minimum ‘sign up’ period in which your book must be lodged with ASB 5 years N/A 1 year
Fees $0 *** $145 $345

E & OE


* 1 ISBN must be purchased for silver and gold services (included for bronze service)

** 2 ISBN’s must be purchased for silver and gold services (included for bronze service)

*** Other conditions apply – see ‘writers wanted’ page for more details

**** Extends to 1 year after expiry of the ‘sign up’ period

Distribution FAQ’s

What if I want to ‘unpublish’ my book?

We ask that your book be lodged with us for a period of not less than 3 months. In extreme cases, we will take it down sooner but that would be by specific arrangement and possibly subject to a small administrative fee. Remember, we can only pass on your message to delete the book from distributors’ records – it’s up to them to actually carry out the action and this may take a while.

Do you take any percentage of the royalties?

If we’re distributing your book for you, we’ll be handling the payments to and from the numerous outlets. It costs us to process these transactions and credits which is why we take a small percentage of the royalties. See our various services for details.

Am I assigning any part of my copyright?

Not in the slightest. Even if we issue an ISBN and market it via our sites and networks, it’s still your book and always will be as far as we’re concerned.

Do you insert an imprint?

We insert our ASB imprint into all books we distribute because its our reputation and account which the books are being sold under.

How do I know my royalties are secure?

We’re a UK Ltd company whose directors have a clean criminal and trading record. Any Subject Books is very much a ‘what you see is what you get’ company with complete transparency regarding sales and transactions.

What if I get a film or TV offer?

We’ll break open the champers for you! See our fee chart for more information about if this happy event should come to pass.

Do these prices include formatting or the issuing of ISBN’s?

No, these are services which you would need to purchase separately or as part of our publishing packages.

Do these prices include marketing of my book?

See the relevant plan for more details.

Are these deductions after the distributor’s fees?

Yes. This percentage will vary according to the distributor but Amazon deduct 30% (where a book is priced at $2.99 and above) and Gardners deduct 40% at all price levels. Check the relevant sites (e.g. Amazon, Smashwords etc) for their latest royalty payment information. Our author accounts are fully transparent and easily verified.

Why do you want to buy 10 copies of my book?

When a book is first uploaded to a distributor, it’s put to the fore to see how it performs. The algorithm that controls its ultimate ranking monitors this and then decides on the book’s longer term ranking. An early burst will ensure that your book is kept in the upper echelon for longer, giving it more chance of staying there. Don’t forget, you’ll get a good portion of this cost back as royalties! It’s a win-win.

* Our no quibble guarantee *

We do what we say – that’s our promise. If you ever feel that if we’ve not delivered what we promise, then let us know immediately and we’ll do everything in our power to rectify it. We won’t grumble, we’ll just want you to be another satisfied customer.

Bronze Silver Gold