Direct Selling

Direct Sales

Sell direct in all main formats for the maximum Return On Investment

Get paid 80% royalties on sales of your book!

Why not broaden your customer-base by letting us sell your book direct to your readers? More than that, we’ll be registering your book with Nielsen who’ll make the title known to all the major booksellers and libraries in the UK who use their ISBN register to stock their shelves with.

No on-going costs!

Once your book is up and running, we just take a small percentage of the sale price to cover our transaction and operating costs. This is a fraction of what other publishers charge and will leave you ‘up on the deal’ when we sell your book directly from our own website. It’s much too good to miss out on.

Direct Selling Services

There are three different services which we offer and you can always upgrade from one to the other.


Bronze Silver Gold
Create whole page for book, upload summary written by author and index the page on our website
Generate text link for affiliates to generate sales with
Create 728 x 90 pixels banner for affiliates to generate sales with
Promote book on home page for 1 month
Promote book in the ‘Latest Books’ section of our Facebook page
Feature an interview with the author plus an accompanying photo
Include a feature article written by the author in the blog section (must comply with our blog requirements)
Percentage of book sale price paid to author as royalties when book sold via a ‘Buy Now’ button on our site 80% 80% 80%
Typical percentage of book sale price paid to author as royalties when book sold via an affiliate 50% 50% 50%
Fees $35 $195 $395

E & OE


How does it work?

If we’re to get the maximum exposure, we’ll need to convert your book into mobipocket, PDF and Epub formats. They’ll then be available for sale on our site along with a ‘Buy it now’ link which, after they’ve paid, will take readers to a download file option.

Is the conversion cost included?

No, that’s covered by our formatting service. You’ll find the relevant fees there. Alternatively, why not consider one of our cost-saving all-in packages?

What security do I get? Can’t people circulate my book as they wish once they’ve downloaded it? Do you operate Digital Rights Management (DRM)?

The simple truth is that there is no unhackable DRM service. If someone has the right (freely available) software, they can hack a DRM-protected book and then distribute it as they wish. Having said that, it’s always been a simple matter to copy-type a printed book but it’s not happened in any big way. By including a clear copyright statement and stamping your unique ISBN on it which will be registered to your name, it should discourage most would-be fraudsters. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee you won’t be ripped off – any more than anyone else can or ever could.

How is the price set?

You can decide what price to charge although you should be aware that many distributors (such as Amazon) will take a dim view of you displaying lower prices for private sales. It’s probably best to select a universal price for your book and then stick with it. We also reserve the right to decline to display a book whose price we feel is out-of-line with our general pricing policy.

What promotion services are included?

Promotional services are covered in our marketing section. We may choose to promote specific books (without cost or reference to the author) as the occasion warrants but no guarantee is given that this will occur.

Can I promote the book?

Absolutely. Please do! We’ll even tell you how to get other commercial sites to promote your book via our affiliate scheme.

What transaction fees are there?

Paypal (who take the payment on our behalf) charge transaction fees which depend upon the currency used by the buyer. Naturally enough, you’ll find details of these charges on the Paypal website. The base currency is dollars and your payments will be made using US$.
We charge 20% of the book’s sale price to cover our administrative operating costs and Paypal’s transaction fees.

* Our no quibble guarantee *

If we feel that your book is in some way out-of-line with the books we normally represent we’ll refund you in full. As far as that goes, three major reasons for that happening are if the book:

  • Contains ‘inappropriate’ subject matter
  • Consists of poor quality content
  • Is priced unrealistically (too cheap or too dear)

You can withdraw your book from sale at any time by telling us (please give 5 working days notice as a minimum). Unfortunately we cannot account for the action (or inaction) of affiliates nor for third party sites such as Nielsen. That said, you are the author and you may withdraw your book from sale if you so decide. If you are thinking of taking it down with a view to reissuing it at a later date, we recommend you discuss it with us beforehand.

Bronze Silver Gold