Banners And Creatives Design

Banners and creative design

Look extra-professional with a truly co-ordinated look to your campaign!

Make a splash!

Do you want to catch the eye of your book buyers? Do you know a site which will put up your banner but you haven’t got one for them to display? No problem – we’re pleased to help.

All of our creatives are purpose-designed to meet your specific design criteria and are superlatively eye-catching. Our detailed briefing will make sure that our artists fully understand the theme and content of your book so that they bring out its principal elements in order to appeal to the most relevant target audience.

Because we take the trouble to get to know you and your requirements beforehand, we save on frustration and wasted time.

It pays to be seen

We offer two options and these relate to whether clients supply the basic image (for example those used to produce your book cover) or whether we will be required to provide the images (images that we will have to purchase ourselves).

It’s plain fact that you get what you pay for with artwork. Don’t take chances, get it done professionally. We are a professional outfit and we will do you proud.

Remember, all of our creatives are bespoke and entirely based on your briefing – we won’t try and ‘shoe-horn’ you into buying stock designs.

Banner Design Fees

Prices depend upon whether we supply the images and their licenses or whether you, the customer, provides them. To place an order, choose the appropriate column and click the ‘Place Order’ button. You’ll be able to select the specific size you want on the order form itself.

Banner size (pixels) We supply images You supply images
728 x 90 – Leaderboard $81 $61
468 x 60 – Full Banner $56 $46
88 x 31 – Micro-Bar $46 $36
120 x 600 – Skyscraper $84 $64
160 x 600 – Wide Skyscraper $103 $73
336 x 280 – Large Rectangle $103 $73
200 x 200 – Small Square Pop-Up $71 $51
234 x 60 – Half-Banner $51 $41
300 x 250 – Medium Rectangle $85 $65
250 x 250 – Square Pop-Up $80 $60
125 x 125 – Square Button $51 $41
120 x 90 – Button 1 $49 $39
120 x 60 – Button 2 $48 $38
120 x 120 – Button 3 $51 $41
Other sizes – Ask – – Ask –

E & OE

Banner Design FAQ’s

What’s the turnaround time?

We aim to get banners back to clients within 5 working days. Faster may be possible but will attract a premium fee (usually about 1/3 extra) and the number of revisions must, of necessity, be limited to 1.

What about sizes that aren’t listed?

Contact us and tell us your requirements. We shouldn’t have any problems accommodating you.

What format will the banner be returned in?

You can specify whether you want your banner returned in PSD (Photoshop), JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP format.

What if I don’t like the design?

We offer three revisions. It normally only takes one or two. The key to ‘getting it right first time’ lies in having a detailed briefing from the client before starting work.

What changes will we and won’t we accommodate?

You can’t produce banners and artwork with a rigid attitude; however, there are some things which we can’t accept. This includes clients changing their mind about their briefing or the banner size. Both of those would be deemed a new banner and require an additional payment as same. Moving text around, changing the colours, enlarging images etc are all fair enough and included in the price.

My computer went haywire and I’ve lost the banner. I don’t suppose you have a copy, do you?

Give us your order details and we’ll be pleased to send you another copy. But do back this one up!

Any chance of a discount?

If you’re ordering a batch of banners, we’ll definitely work out a deal with you. Use the contact form to tell us what you want. Check out our packages, too.

If you use my banner in your portfolio, will you give my book a free link?

Definitely – just give us the URL you want us to link it to!

* Our no quibble guarantee *

If you really don’t like the banner or creative after 3 revisions, we’ll offer you a full refund of the fee. But please note that the creative will be watermarked.

We provide the images You provide the images