Delayed Gratification 180 By Jessie McAna

Delayed gratification 180Clayton is a firm believer that love and the playroom do not mix. However, he cannot deny that he has started to grow forbidden feelings for Daniel, his sub of three years. At the same time Daniel starts to digress in the playroom, causing Clayton to lose patience and contemplate breaking their contract. Discover Daniel’s reaction to Clayton’s feelings and how it turns Clayton’s and his world upside down. Prepare yourself for an emotional rollercoaster with love, passion, mystery, and disaster.

Sample text:

I’m waiting for him. Kneeling on the padded floor, naked, waiting. I’m mentally exhausted from my day-to-day life and am grateful to be here; here, where I’m able to shut it all off, to relax, to find inner peace. Soon, my mind shuts off; the rhythm of my breathing is steadying. I have achieved the edges of subspace.

I feel my master’s hands in my long, dark brown hair. I break formation to look him in his deep blue eyes before I fall into submission. When his fingers leave my hair, I don’t hear him walk away from me. I wait for his instruction, ready to please him, only to be surprised by the tool he drops into my line of sight.

“Thorn, Master,” I reply, remaining still.

“Good,” he praises, and I realize he’s testing me. My first lesson with my master involved my three safe words: rose, which means I want to end the session, petal, which means we pause the session until I am comfortable, and thorn, which means I have reached a hard limit. Honestly, I’m not in the mood to be tested today. I want the illusion of surrendering. Safe word tests and requests from my master break this illusion. I am aware that as the sub, I am the one in control of what is and is not done with my body. But it is a reality that is easily forgotten when you are playing the game. I trust my master, I trust that he will not hurt me. I crave the illusion; the illusion allows my mind to be free, to float in subspace.

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