Curbing Her Compulsion

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The story of the O-Bay club concludes

Beverley is very interested in clothes and fashion, so when the landlord at the pub where she works asks her to dress in a more sophisticated manner to accord with the pub’s new look, she is hurt and overreacts, splashing out on expensive designer clothes.

In the past, Beverley has paid for her ‘clothes habit’ out of her wages, but when her husband Raymond catches her in a lie about what she’s been doing, he not only puts a stop to it but also takes her to the O-Bay Club. This Club, which he has just joined, affords him a place to give his wife a public spanking away from home.

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Unable to pay for her extravagant purchases, Beverly tries to steal cash from Raymond’s wall safe but he catches her in the act and once again takes her to the O-Bay Club. This time the punishment is administered by another man, who does not have the same emotional attachment and can therefore give her a particularly hard time.

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