Cheap Kindle Book Publishing

Cheap Kindle book publishing – everyone’s on the look-out for it. But cheap is as cheap does and one tends to get what one pays for in life.

The internet is choked full of companies offering:

  • Cheap book publishing
  • Cheap Kindle books for the USA
  • Cheap Ebooks for Kindle

But what are you getting for your money? Here are some simple facts about the act of publishing:

  1. It’s free to upload your Kindle book to Amazon. When it comes down to it, as long as you can create a mobi file (Kindle format), you’re off. To help you, there are free programs available and, as long as you know what you’re doing, they’ll produce a passable job. If you’re satisfied with an ‘OK’ finished product, then you’ll not be disappointed. However, in order to end up with a professional-looking book, you really need to invest time and money into something better.
  2. There are literally millions of books in the Amazon kindle store, and even offering cheap e-books for Kindle won’t ensure that yours gets seen. Unless you are incredibly lucky, your magnum opus will sink to the bottom of the heap and never be seen again. Publishing is a full-time occupation.
  3. Books need to be targeted to meet the needs of the market that they’re being aimed at. For example, you may wish to offer cheap Kindle books for the USA, something which involves careful editing of not just the spelling but also the word usage (if your book originally contained UK or Australian English, for example).

Look at the so-called ‘Cheap Book Publishing’ services and you’ll see that they all rely upon automated conversion programs. These produce books of a ‘reasonable’ quality, but they don’t have the human eye and thus don’t pick up on the things that a human editor or formatter would notice. Inconsistencies in punctuation, blank or broken lines, mis-spellings and paragraphisation; machines don’t spot these.

If you don’t think that good presentation is important, read the bad reviews attached to books which are deemed ‘scruffy’. They may well have been ‘Cheap Ebooks for Kindle’, but that’s not helped a jellybaby when some reviewer has got hacked off with the book being choked with poor editing or formatting.

At Any Subject Books we won’t lay claim to offering ‘Cheap Kindle Book Publishing,’ but we will promise competitive prices and a service which will leave your book looking its best and give it that all-important initial push. There’s no automated conversion program – all our work is done manually – and it shows in the end result. Despite this personal attention to detail, our prices are still competitive enough to allow you to offer Cheap Ebooks for Kindle.