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Go viral with a top-class book video

Stardom awaits!

Have you ever wondered how some authors get their books to go viral and wished it could happen to you? Well, one of the most effective ways of achieving this is to get an appealing and memorable (as in ‘talk-about-able’) video made of your book.

But how can you get your book condensed to a typical 90-second slot? Why would you want to anyway?

Acting on your instruction, we’ll create a book trailer reflecting the general theme of your book, one or more of your principal characters and a memorable scene: e.g. one which is particularly:

  • Visually appealing
  • Tense/thrilling
  • Amusing
  • Romantic
  • Entertaining

… as befits the genre and target age group or reader class.

We’ll talk you through all the key aspects of the video’s production, including scripting, scene selection, font use, contrast and harmony, imagery, music – in short, every aspect. Once we’ve done that and we know that we’re all on the same page, we’ll put the pieces together and come up with a 60 or 90-second promotional book trailer that’ll whet your audience’s appetite for the real thing.

You’ll only make one trailer for your book – trust us to get it right for you.

A polished and professional book trailer

If you’re not sure what angle to take with your video, or you’re otherwise confused about where to begin, we’ve a one-to-one brainstorming service which will soon point you in the right direction.

Need extra voices? If you want to have a conversation or a second narrator to your book trailer, we can arrange for a second person to join in for a very modest additional charge. This is available regardless of which of our three services you select.

Prefer music to voice? We’ll give you a cracking moody soundtrack which comes complete with all licensing rights, so you don’t need to worry about getting into trouble with the artist.

In other words, it’s anything and everything to make sure that your video stands out from the crowd and makes you look professional.

Having done that, we’ll upload it to the major video hosts such as Youtube and Vimeo along with proper and accurate tagging so that your book gets seen by the relevant potential readers. After all, it’s not about getting the maximum amount of traffic, it’s about getting the right traffic.

Then we’ll go on to put the word out and drum up some interest for you, as well as permanently hosting an embedded version of the video on our website.

In other words, we’ll give you a complete book trailer production service from start to finish.

Book Trailer Packages

There are three different services which we offer.

Description Bronze Silver Gold
60-second book trailer
90-second trailer
Brainstorming help – 1 hour
Voiceover (1 person)
Music (soundtrack)
Upload to video hosting sites
Promotion on our website, Twitter and Facebook
Fees (add $90 for optional second voice) $495 $695 $895

E & OE

Book Trailer FAQ’s

What chance do I have to make revisions?

We split revisions down into 3 categories – correcting any errors we may have made (we’re human; these things can happen), minor changes that the author requests to ‘fine tune’ what’s been done, and major changes which fundamentally change the video.

Revision type Action Cost implications
Our errors No limit, no quibble. There shouldn’t be any and that’s the way we’d like the final product to look – error-free. Corrected free-of-charge
Minor changes Defined as alterations to text banners, font (colour, size, type), adding information about the author or the book, adjusting the audio balance or incorporating additional sales information. 1 revision is included in the price. Additional revisions would be at cost and depend upon the nature of the revisions – ask first.
Major changes Defined (but not limited to) replacing background images or animations, changes to the musical accompaniment, transition effects, inserting new frames, altering the storyboard and increasing/decreasing the video length. Additional charges applicable and billed at $100 per hour. Always obtain an indication of costs before instructing changes.

Will I own the rights?

Absolutely. Once you’ve approved the video and settled any outstanding part of your account, it’s yours to do with as you wish. We’ll make sure that the images and soundtrack are suitably licensed for your use so that you need have no worries on that score.

Will this be unique?

We don’t use templates although there is a basic ‘recipe’ for book trailers – title, first teaser, brief summary, second teaser, author details and purchase information.

Does it come with your brand?

We insert a small ASB logo into the last frame.

Can I ask you to use my images, audio track etc?

Definitely, although you’ll need to demonstrate that you have the legal right to use them. In the case of photos you’ve taken yourself, a simple affidavit confirming that you were the photographer, that you have permission to photograph the object or person concerned and that you hold all rights to the image will suffice. Don’t worry, we’ll supply you with the text so that all you have to do is issue your confirmation – it’s very simple. In the case of music, it will need to be of at least 128 kbps (audio CD) quality and, again, we’ll need an affidavit from you regarding its usage.

How do you make sure the video gets found?

Before we start work, we’ll make sure that we have the key information that will allow us to target the most popular keywords and phrases that relate to your book. Once we’ve finished the video and you’ve approved it, we’ll upload it to all the key hosting sites. Not only that, we’ll launch it on our website and Facebook pages. Remember, it’s not about hitting the internet as hard as possible; it’s about applying the right pressure in the right places.

Are these prices applicable for all books?

For the most part, yes, but there are some exceptions where the level of graphics (e.g. recipe, music and photography books) is considerable or where there is a high level of complexity, such as in text books or instruction manuals. If you’ve got one of these, we’ll advise you before we begin work and offer you the choice of a full refund or an opportunity to pay the additional fees.

Why are you so expensive? I can get a video made for a few dollars or even for free?

You can get a video for nothing or next to nothing. The difference is that what we do is:

  • Supported by experienced authors and publishers
  • Professionally assembled
  • Carefully tailored to reflect the book’s content, its genre and its target market
  • Legal (as in all images/sounds are properly licensed)
  • Targeted to relevant high volume keywords and phrases

It will not be:

  • Compiled by someone with no direct experience of the publishing industry
  • Mass-produced or even automated
  • ‘One size fits all’ in respect of the book’s target readership
  • Dependent on the use of images or music of dubious origins
  • Based on the ‘hit and hope’ or ‘kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince’ strategy

A lot of hours for highly-skilled personnel go into the production of a memorable and enticing video. We reflect that in our prices. Not only that, but the images and soundtrack are not cheap; still, it’s a fraction of the price of being caught misusing ‘scraped’ images or audio.

Remember, we’re with you before, during and after your video’s production. That’s proper support.

How can I use my video?

Obviously that’s up to you but some suggestions include:

  • Embedding it in your website
  • Putting a still from it on your social media pages and then backlinking to the actual video
  • Incorporating it in a press release
  • Linking to it in your email newsletters
  • Sending it to bookstores or book retail websites
  • Inviting readers to view the video in a prequel or other title
  • Exchanging with other authors for a spot of cross-promotion

* Our no quibble guarantee *

A full no-quibble refund can be asked for once the final revision has been made subject to the following having been complied with:

  • We must have had opportunities to correct any errors made by our personnel
  • Our staff have had the chance to apply the one revision which is included in the service

No refund is applicable where the customer makes what has been defined as a major change

In the event of a refund being claimed, the customer relinquishes all rights to use the voice, music, graphics or any other element supplied by or on behalf of Any Subject Books. Usage of a video after a refund will constitute a breach of licensing rights and be treated accordingly.

Bronze Silver Gold