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Complete range of publishing services for authors



Mistakes (grammar, punctuation, consistency) are easy to miss in your own work. Our editing is done the old-fashioned way, by real people with real experience, and it shows in the high standard of the finished product – your book.



Your book will be judged on its presentation. Even if it’s superbly written, it risks being regarded as amateur if the lay-out and formatting aren’t clear, consistent and user friendly. We can help you create a truly professional look.



If you have an idea for a book but lack the time or the confidence to write it yourself, our ghost-writers can help. Some of our writers have well over 20 years’ experience of authorship in many different fields.


Advertising service

If you’ve written a book, you’ll want to get it noticed. We can offer on-going advertising with no obligation either to publish through us or to purchase any of our other services. But please be advised: spots are limited!


Affiliate sign-up

Make money and help your contacts. Sounds impossible? Sign up as one of our affiliates and earn real cash on referrals while providing them with a unique voucher code that gives them at least 5% off the prices of our services.

Author Interviews

Author interview

Let’s personalize your book by giving you air time with an experienced interviewer. Not only will you benefit from the publicity, you’ll also get to keep the audio file as a permanent and valuable marketing tool.


Autograph hosting

Having your face recognised is a way of getting remembered. You can have your autographed photo made into a full-size, professional-looking image and hosted on our site along with a direct link to where your books can be bought.

Banners and creative design

Banners and creatives design

We can create a unique, eye-catching banner for you to display on websites and anywhere else that will accept it. Using your images or our own, we can craft a memorable graphic in any size or resolution that will wow your target audience.



Sometimes you need another person to bounce your ideas off. We offer one-to-one advice and help in many different ways, from drawing up a plot and developing characters, to targeting your market. We put our experience at your disposal.

Book reviews

Book reviews

We will engage one of our book reviewers, experienced in your chosen genre, to provide you with an honest but complete and detailed appraisal of your book, ensuring that assessment is made in all relevant and looked-for areas.

Book submissions

Book submissions

If you would like us to publish your book, then assuming that it conforms to our criteria of quality, we will either publish it after light editing and formatting at our expense, or request more major editing be carried out first.

Book Tours

Book tours

A book tour is a way of getting out there without the stress of being ‘live’. We offer a range of tour services to suit your book and your target audience, from blog stops, to radio interviews, to detailed book reviews.

Direct Sales

Direct sales

Let us sell your book direct to your readers and our visitors using the pulling power of our website. We will devote a full page to you and your book and attach a simple buying process. Your royalties will equal what Amazon pays.



We can place your book with all the large distributors, using our experience to navigate the tricky waters of formatting and form-filling. We deal with both sides of the Atlantic and so are able to achieve maximum exposure for you.


ISBN allocation

Acquiring an ISBN number, which is a legal requirement for all print books and some e-books, isn’t just a matter of purchasing a number. We do that, complete the relevant official forms on your behalf, and see you through the process.

Book videos

Book videos

A book trailer is one of the best ways to quickly reach a wide audience. We’ll create a 60 or 90-second promotional trailer for you, including a soundtrack with all licensing rights included. Afterwards we can permanently host your video.

Press Releases

Press releases

A captivating press release can catch the eye of the media and really boost your sales. Striking the right balance in terms of self-promotion can be difficult; our commercial writers will help you achieve the best possible response.

Social Media

Social media

We can create and design a Facebook page for you complete with photo, inaugural event and 30 likes from our friends at ASB, and/or set you up on Twitter, Tumblr, RebelMouse, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Googleplus, Youtube, Vimeo etc.