Book Cover Design

Cover design

First impressions count so don’t compromise on the quality of your book’s cover design

People judge a book by its cover

Your cover is the icing on your cake. It’s no good having written a great book if no-one is willing to give it a read. With so many other similar books to compete with, prospective buyers are going to be faced with a bewildering assortment of titles. It’s no surprise that most people who aren’t looking for a specific author or title are going to be swayed by the cover design.

An eye-catching cover will persuade potential buyers to read your book’s description. Without a professionally designed and visually appealing cover, your book is unlikely to stand out.

Stand out from the rank and file

We can offer the full range of quality cover design and then supply you with suitable documentation to establish that you have the rights to use the cover’s artwork. We take the time to make sure that we understand the content of the book and this allows us to be certain that the cover images accurately represents it.

Our standard cover size is 1875 x 3000 pixels x 300 dpi, as this is optimum for Amazon Kindle. If you need another size, just ask and we’ll do it for you.

Book Cover Design Services

There are three different services which we offer along with a range of reasonably-priced extras which are available for all three services.

Description Bronze Silver Gold

Cover design

1875 x 3000 x 300 dpi image in jpg format


Purchased high resolution images complete with license One Three
Unique artist-designed image in high resolution image complete with license
Professionally applied image effects Two Five

Book Details

Sub-title (if applicable)
Series reference (if applicable)
Author’s name

Editing design

Edits allowed One Two Four
Fees $145 $195 $395


Can be selected when placing order

Publicity banner based loosely on e-book cover image design – dimensions 728 x 90 or 468 x 60 $35 $35 $35
Createspace cover image based on e-book cover image design $100 $100 $100
Feature link – a thumbnail of your finished e-book cover in our gallery, linked to your book’s sale page $20 $20 $20

E & OE

‘Extras’ refer to options purchased alongside a book cover design service (gold, silver, bronze). Normally these options would all attract higher prices. This is a special one-off deal.

* Our no quibble guarantee *

We’ll give you a full no-quibble refund if you’re not entirely happy once the final edits have been done. Please note that the sample image supplied for final checking will not be full-size and it will be watermarked.

Bronze Silver Gold