Aloha Joe in Hawaii by Joe Holt

Cover - revised - reducedThis heart-warming and inspiring memoir tells of Joe Holt’s journey to find self-acceptance and peace in the beautiful state of Hawaii.

After suffering a tumultuous childhood, a disheartening period in the military and a hit-and-run accident which nearly killed him, Joe moved to Hawaii for a new start. Having made the decision to leave his troubled past behind, he immersed himself in Hawaiian culture, adopting the ways of aloha and living by natural means. This book paints a colourful picture of life in Hawaii, as well as encouraging readers to pursue love and forgiveness.

Joe writes with wisdom and compassion, even when discussing the darker parts of his life; but he doesn’t want sympathy. He wants to share the discoveries about life and peace he has made, and help his readers begin the journey to their own happiness.

This book is a very personal and sincere account, but not just one of Joe’s experiences in a new home. His message throughout is clear: once you find yourself living somewhere that you love, everything else will fall into place.

Aloha Joe in Hawaii by Joe Holt is available here.

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