Actors Wanted


You’ve had voice coaching, so now’s the opportunity to get into character and help us make a professional video. You’ll need an HD camera for your computer, or, if you’re only going to supply your voice, you will need a good quality microphone. They’re fairly inexpensive and could perhaps be claimed back as an expense against tax.

If you’ve never considered it before, a book video is a short promotional piece which authors use to generate interest in their story in just the same way as a TV commercial is used. These days that means splashing it around the internet – along with a thrown-in promo for you as the star, of course!

We are looking for actors to work with a scriptwriter and a graphic artist to create a memorable and striking book trailer, between a minute and 90 seconds, that will be promoted on Youtube, Vimeo and other video hosting sites.

Turn your spare room into a film-set and your film-set into cash. Apply for one of our ‘Actors Wanted’ jobs and let’s hear “Action!”

FAQ’s for Actors Wanted

Here are some specific FAQ’s for the Actors Wanted section:

How long do I commit for?

You commit on a video-by-video basis.

What if I can’t do a particular job?

Just be honest at the outset. We’ll wish you well and find someone else.

What if I don’t want to make a particular video for other reasons?

Likewise – just be honest. Telling us why means that we can make a note of your preferences for future reference.

What do I get paid?

We prefer to pay on a specific video basis. All you’re agreeing to by signing up is to receive offers of work and to comply with our conditions once we’ve settled on a deal with you. We are generous… but expect perfection in return!

What sort of things will I be doing?

Your principal function will be as a voiceover, but you may also be asked to enact the odd scene. Think of the books you’ve read recently; what were the most memorable parts? How would you depict them if you were the scriptwriter? What props would you need? What dialogue would you use (bearing in mind you’ve only got about 30 to 45 seconds of action time)?

Are there any limitations on who else I can work for?


What do you want from me by way of application?

Just send us a sample speech (say 30 to 45 seconds in length) in which you play two parts and do a bit of narrative.

What happens after I apply?

We’ll assess your application, confirm to you either way whether you’ve been accepted onto our list of approved actors or not, and, if you have, get in touch when a suitable job arrives. At that point we’ll tell you what we’ll need from you, what the work entails and what our best offer of payment is. Then it’s for you to say ‘Yea’ or ‘Nay’.

Sorry but we don’t need any more actors for the time being.