A bona fide post.

What does it mean?

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‘Bona fide,’ in popular modern use, means ‘true,’ ‘well intentioned’ or ‘authentic.’


‘Bona fide’ comes from the Latin ‘bona fides,’ meaning ‘in good faith.’ It is believed to have first come into usage in modern English in the 1930s.

Improper Use

Although ‘bona fides’ is the official Latin, this version of the term can sometimes be incorrectly used in modern English in place of ‘bona fide.’ In this day and age, ‘bona fides’ is actually a term for legal or personal documents.

Proper Use

‘Bona fide’ should be used when reporting actions that are made in good faith, or something that is or has become authentic. For example:

‘He made a bona fide offer to help, but was turned down.’
‘She began as an amateur, but is now a bona fide professional.’